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15 Jul

It’s been a funny week.  Not funny haha.  More like funny strange.    Untethered.  As in every thing LOOKS the same but at the same time, EVERY thing is different.  Everything.  I could list all of these “things” but this is a cloth blog that meanders to the garden and back.  I’m going to leave it at that, except to say this.  Today I took a nap.  Mainly because I’m waking up really early as in 3:00 a.m.  So I took a nap and I saw myself on the bed, covered with an old quilt my daughter made.  But covered with something else as well.  Some veil-like thing was settling over my body, contouring to its shape. Merging with the fiber of my–what?–my being? Shape shifting?

I’m still integrating the trip to D.C.  The Hindu Woodstock Revival.  The otherworldly experience of  darshan with Amma. I came back with a lot. Inside stuff. Things that feel they’ll be settling for a good while. Nothing I can photograph, except for these:


feathers I found on the edge of a pond, nearby where Amma’s event took place.   Duck feathers.  And more sticks for hangers.

Before I left, I had arranged for the bathroom floor to be replaced.  The tiles were cracking.  The floor was spongy.  I knew I might not have a toilet when I returned, but I didn’t know the toilet would be in the bathtub. So the house is once again turned on its ear and all I can do is hole myself up in my little work room and stitch.  Awoke this morning and thought, “I’m getting rid of every piece of furniture I have.”  Maybe I will. But the new bathroom floor is nice, and I once more have a toilet and any day now the bathroom door will be back in place, not that it really matters.

bathroom floor

And in between the still incessant rain, two ripe tomatoes and some day lilies for a dye pot.tomatoes and day lilieszinnias
and the first zinnias of the season.

And the flicker cloth? Something happened to it. Flicker became real. A disconnect developed between bird and border. Such a serious bird, flicker is, and expressed no use for the whimsical, original border. A big shift. And I deferred to flicker.flicker


I’m hoping it changes its mind … but for now will just sit with it and listen.

OK–finally. The website it starting to take shape. It’s only a start. I’d love feedback. followingthread.com

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