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Unexpected? … yes.

9 Mar

I really try to avoid cloth until I’ve morning-routined things.  You know.  Sitting. Breakfast.  Yoga.  Shower.  Getting dressed.  Because if I don’t do them FIRST—an entire day can pass before ….

Like now. It’s 10:33, I’ve been up for 4 hours–but curiosity snagged me before …before those other things .. grabbed me as I was just going to take a little peek to see how cloths fared the night. Just fine as it turned out. And I decided to post the come-along of the birds from Primordial Soup. I’ve added thread to them. They stand out a bit more now. Not sure, but here they are.4 birds

AND THEN when I was downloading the pics. LOOK! Unexpected? Yes. It must have been on my camera. Where did this come from? Went back to check. Not there. Just here. On my computer. Giving me ideas. Unexpected ideas.

many birds

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