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One True Thing

22 Sep

Woke up this morning thinking about what I’m calling “the one true thing.”  That which underlies being.  Our being.  Individually.  Collectively.  And I was seeing it as a spark of pure light.  Pure essence.  A germ of divinity.  And this thought factored into the workshop I participated in yesterday–a workshop designed to explore and manifest one’s personal shield.  But again, noticing the resistance I have with that word–and realizing now that I’ve been thinking of it as a verb rather than a noun.  And as a noun, a shield would show what is.   The truth of what is.  And I realized how complicated we make things–either by imagining what “could be” or by obsessing on what “was.”  All of which obscures the truth of what “is.”  So there is this–just the start of something else:

one true thing


This is what I’m seeing. A peeling back from the surface.  An allowing of what is to come forth. That which is at the heart of things. Beneath the drama. Beneath the clutter. So I may be exploring “shield” for a bit now. Shield as noun. Shield as portal. A glimpse in to. In to the heart of it all. With unfettered perspective.

Then there was this: Further Up Yonder.  And it all seems so connected.

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