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A Question of Integrity

7 Oct

So about my booth in downtown Asheville, at the Woolworth Walk Gallery. I need the booth to at least pay for itself and monthly rent is $45. I’ve been there a month and two cloth pieces have sold.  Both cloths were $45 each. I’m mentioning price because the two that sold were the least pricey pieces hanging. Is that why they sold?–their lower price? And then I’m wondering that since both pieces were part of the “supermoon” series — is that why they sold? And if so, should I continue with this series, at least one/month?  I’m thinking about this and it’s disturbing me. Because…

…because…the thoughts I’m having are alien to me.  Thoughts like, “I think this might have more universal appeal.”  And “Maybe something like this will pay October’s rent.”  I’ve never considered marketability.  Never.  I made/make cloth because I can’t help myself.  But now I’m thinking about paying rent and making one cloth a month that will do that…and this brings up questions of authenticity and integrity.

Actually, it’s this cloth–“Supermoon with Pacyderms” that brought these questions of integrity to the surface.  It’s  VERY different from my previous cloth work.  Perhaps it borders on trite?    And even though it embodies a certain tenderness,  my personal discomfort level with it is still high.

Beth  commented that it would be interesting to see how and/or if my work changes as a result of going public.  I think that’s my concern.  That marketability–to a degree–influenced this cloth.    And even though, for me, there is a heart element with Pacyderms,  I did not want to “show” the cloth here.  Maybe that’s what I should look at–the not -wanting -to- show .  Maybe that feeling holds the answer to this question of integrity and standing true.





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