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24 Apr

Just saying…I’m acutely aware of how my days go.  How sometimes I feel I’m hanging onto the pendulum of a giant grandfather clock.   Travelling its trajectory, back and forth.  And the place I love the best is where I find myself this morning.  In between.  Suspended.  There’s a word for this I think. Stasis?  Except I just googled stasis–and CAN NOT believe the definition.

1.   a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium.
2.  civil strife.
Really?  Definition 1:  a period of … equilibrium.  But definition 2…civil strife?  Seemingly polar opposites.  And considering this,  how actually it really does make sense.  That wrapped up in any given moment is the potential for all things, all extremes, all possibilities.  Equilibrium/strife. Ease/disease.  Joy/sorrow.  On and off.  And the biggie–for me–preference/aversion.  And as I rest here at the bottom of the arc between pendulum swings, it’s again clear that preferring one state over the other actually denies half of the whole of the human experience.  Does this make any sense?
And on some other level, the fact that I prefer, lets say, one basket over another–this onelarge45

over this one:


really might be an unnecessary comparison.  Meaningless on some basic level.  And again the reminder that I do not need to polarize.  To judge.  To discriminate.  Because really, rather than a matter of this or that  maybe it’s simply just BOTH.

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