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Live, Love, Leap–a Mantra

5 Feb





Maybe I’ll do a series of these. They could be mantras. Reminders. Maps of how we can go. Portable. Easily moved from place to place. Following the day. And I’m thinking $25 because there are holes in the household economy’s bucket.

live love leap

4 Feb

live love leap

Here. I’m talking to myself. This morning I was on hands and knees– picking scraps up from the floor. Tossing them up overhead to land on my work table. Not watching, not planning, not in-my-head. And this figure is pretty much what happened.  A few tweaks but not much. And no, I don’t know what the red dot is–I usually see my figures as feminine.  So this one?  I just don’t know.  But I might do a few more of these  “blind” cloths  because–because–it was liberating.  NO MIND at all.  And it was fast.  But it asked me to express words– words that hold important direction.  Directions.  A map for going.  A 6″ square map for going.

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