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On Learning to Listen

29 Sep

Listening. I got a lesson in “learning to listen” this week.  Not the physiological process of hearing.  But the art form of listening.  What does it look like?  What does it mean?  I made a really inane comment about listening a few days ago.  A reactionary comment, actually–and like most reactionary, mindless comments, it was a mere reflection of my inner condition at the moment.  Even though I thought I was deflecting attention elsewhere. Funny how that works.

The comment has come back to me daily in various forms, nudging me along.  Gently and not so gently.   It’s been humbling.  Then this morning Thich Nhat Hahn was interviewed on “Oh Being.” He spoke on compassionate listening. I googled for more. Knowing I needed to hear more. So here, a link… a three minute interview. Just what I needed to hear.    Even though there has been some discomfort around this–the comment and its fall-out–I’m totally in love with the way the universe provides.  What we need.  When we need it.  Uncanny. Miraculous even.

It’s been a  week of little shield samplers.  Little stories perhaps–about color and form and black walnut.  And learning about listening.shield4



Then this. Next year’s Swallowtail, I’m fairly certain.

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