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Red Cabbage, Red Buds and Black Beans

21 Apr

The earth was just too wet yesterday. Too wet to disturb. So I did other things. Pulled the red cabbage sauerkraut out of the crock where it had been fermenting. 5 pounds of cabbage yeilding approx. 3 quarts. red cabbage sauerkraut This is delicious stuff. Crunchy. Cured in salt brine. Raw fermentation. And noticing how similar in color and texture to the just blooming red bud.red bud

And after soaking black beans for a few days, I dipped out the juice and dyed some fabric scrapsblack bean dye

and a t-shirt. Used alum as the mordant. The t-shirt belongs to a friend who didn’t like the original color–kinda of a tan w/o light–and wanted me to do something with it, once my spring dye vats started up again. Click on the photos for an up closer look. banana shirt

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