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White and Birthright

14 Apr

This “what if” series of cloths–working with whites–totally surprising me.   Up until this point I was  crazy for color.  Entrenched in color.  Couldn’t do w/o color.  Didn’t think I could even DO white–too monotonous?  Dull?  Predictable?  Whatever it was, this is coming as a real eye-opener.  The opener that reminds me NOT to limit myself by preconceived notions of what I like.  Reminds me to listen to the advice I give young boy–“you won’t know until you try it.”  And something else.  I’m thinking about new borns.  Infants fresh from the womb.  Maybe a day or two out.  I’m remembering a picture of my daughter at that age.  Lying on a blanket next to a friend’s 3 month old.  The comparison was astounding.  There was something about the infant–having nothing to do with me–that  had some sort of –I hesitate here to say radiance–or  purity.  But something akin to that.  Some thing so sublime that, as you see, I’m at wit’s end to express.  And that’s what these white cloths are bringing to mind.  That sense of fine-ness, untainted perhaps.  That intangible essence we come in with.  A birthright that seems to get buried by the doings of life.  So white, now, is another reminder for me.  A reminder that it’s still all there, beneath the muck and junk.  That glowing “first light.”  So when I ask myself “why?  Why do I do cloth?”  It’s because of glimpses like this one.  Reminders of magic and mystery and wonder.  All of this.

And night before last I woke up thinking about enlightenment–fine concept that!–and sketched a cloth called “In Light ‘N Mint.”  And this is how she’s evolving.

in light 'n mint

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