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Into the Stillness: prayer flag #9

2 Feb

img_4189This what-might-look-like-a rag pile is actually my hoard of earthly, material treasures. (No pun intended.)   Things I would grab if leaving home in a hurry.  On that little couch, and the shelves that surround it,  I find remnants of work from the last ten or so years.  Natural dyed fabric experiments, hand-dyed indigo shibori pieces, pieces of slow cloth that I labored over so intensely, eco print fabrics, pieces of silk hand dyed and ecoprinted, needle felted wool, etc.  And this is where I go, these mornings of late, when I begin the prayer flag of the day.

This morning I was contemplating the importance of stepping into stillness.  Especially as a tool to handle the maelstorm of current events.  Contemplating stillness and casually examining pieces of cloth.  What surfaced was a felted wool stork.  Felted wool and pieces of linen indigo dyed shibori.  Surfaced and coalesced with little effort on my part.

Curious abbestreallyout stork’s symbolism in light of the intent of these prayer flags, I googled stork.   My take-away:

If we allow it to it can instill a sense of calm in us…. It reminds us to be careful with our words and attitudes, remaining calm, cool, and collected in the face of adversity. When we do this, we can be at peace.

Instill.  In still.  OK.  Into stillness.


A Wish for Peace

15 Dec

I have a little Christmas tree. It’s sitting on the edge of my table, the table where sometimes I eat but usually just sit here and stitch. Waiting for my little workroom to warm up. I got this little tree at Goodwill because daughter needed the tree I usually put up. It’s a tree in a box. There were years when I swore I would never have an artificial tree–or a tree that had been cut down simply to be used for a few days. Those were the years when we could afford a “balled tree”–a tree that would be planted. Could afford it and also had space for planting. I remember the first one. 1973. Planted a few days after Christmas. A few days after the Christmas morning my son was born. The last time I saw that tree, it was 20′ tall. A beautiful blue spruce. But this little tree from Goodwill, well  it manages to satisfy something without becoming a big deal.  Without sacrificing a tree person.  A reminder.   And it’s one and only ornament is a handmade card–about the size of an index card– received yesterday from a dear friend and fabulous artist.tree

It took me an hour to upload the tree picture. WordPress is really acting screwy. My computer has been acting screwy. And now it looks as though that’s the only picture WordPress will let me download right now. Maybe that’s enough. There are more cloths, Winter Solstice and a few others. But I’m thinking it’s enough, right now, to just post Peace.  Peace to you.  Peace to the World.  Peace for ALL.  A Winter Solstice wish.

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