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A Lighter Day: Transcending

22 Jan

(I was just introduced to a new-to-me free photo editor: pixlr.com. It does some fun things that Picasa doesn’t do.)

happy gourd

It just happened like that. I woke up. Body felt flogged. Eyes REALLY puffy. But inside I felt light. Happier. And the reason I’m saying this is because it’s taken me a really long time to get it–the ability to transcend the physical/emotional condition. To be just fine regardless. And when I noticed how good I felt in spirit as opposed to the way I felt in flesh–well, it was wonderful. OK. I’m going to take this one step further.

The thing about pain. Physical pain. Psychic pain. Emotional pain. And the thing about transitioning over. I think about that sometimes. Have wondered–“what if I’m in so much pain that it gets in the way of transitioning with light and consciousness?” It’s important to me — the quality of consciousness at the time of death. It’s huge. And so sometimes I find myself considering it. Especially whenever I’ve been in a lot of discomfort. Then the thought has arisen. What if I’m feeling like this? How will I transition joyfully?

And so now I know. This morning there was a very real separation between state of body and state of being. I see how it can happen. The acknowledgement of one while dwelling in the other.

Cleaning up, tidying up, early morning. Knowing already what cloth would honor Dolphin. It will be this one:DSC00594

I’m not certain about anything yet except the base. The stick/shell object–one of a bunch I put together around Christmas. ¬†They’re still here. ¬†Just waiting.DSC00599

Hanging out on the window sill with a ton of other “important” artifacts all so intertwined that when one falls, everything goes down.
And so, I don’t know yet where the cloth is going, but like the Starfish, there will be a promise stitched into the cloth. A promise. An honoring.

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