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The Markings of Days

21 Jan

Noticing markings. On fabric, on walls. Patterns and textures. Patterns of behavior and thoughts that give texture to the hours of these days. A week of images to upload. For tracking. Noticing. Clarification. And noting still the amorphous images that have my attention during these middle days of January. Noticing movement. Inside and out. Movement, yes, and also a certain lightness. Visible on the morning horizon. Palpable with each precious breath.

So…still tracking shadowsshadow1

and noticing this. A turnip from last year’s garden…turnip

and this cloth–paralleling somehow the turnip. A coming out of the hallowed space of winter, into the light again, turnip

Finishing stitches on a piece started when I don’t recalldeer

And yes, I ironed. Ironed what I feel are priceless vegetable dyed scraps so small that some would not hold 7 beans. Two perhaps. But they’re magical to me. Their markings. Patterns formed randomly– unreplicatable. And then layered around a found object. A sample of fine stitching so different from my own,

Finally, because I do have commercial fabric that never makes it to my cloth, and because I really am geared, in a certain way, towards function–but really because I was gifted a Bernette (sp) that needed to be tried out–these have started to emerge…another use for cloth. Use full.

For Holding:





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