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The Saga Continues

6 May

A few days ago we had a heavy rain/thunderstorm at night. Not an inordinate amount of rain for these parts–but a powerful display of thunder and lightning. I slept through it but was sitting here early the next morning. Before sunrise. There was a strange boom–not quite thunder but something big. First thought was that the roof had blown off. Second thought–I’ll wait until daybreak to see. And later when I looked around, I didn’t see anything. Because I wasn’t looking in the right place.

My neighbor to the left has (had) four 1965 Ford Mustangs in the back of his driveway. He’s an older gentleman, in poor health. In fact, he’s in-between nursing homes and hospitals. His wife is in the house. Their retaining wall butted up to this yard here. My fence was on top of the wall. About head level to where boy-in-red-shirt is standing. The noise I heard was the retaining wall falling over onto one of the Mustangs. Shearing off 3 feet of yard and taking about 50 feet of fencing with it. The neighbor’s son thinks–I’ll bet you can guess.

OK. He thinks that something has changed the storm water run-off pattern coming down from behind and above us. Hmmmm.






I’m thinking a lot of things. But mainly wondering…wondering. Understanding cause and effect–when vegetation is removed, when ground is re-graded, water goes somewhere else–just not clear on the karmic under story.

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