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Intention: Attention directed inward.

3 Feb

We’ve been in this little house for almost 2 years. Sold our farm in WV and moved here. I loved the farm. Loved my garden and our goats. Loved milking and tending the herd. The beauty of the place was unsurpassed. Our home was built from trees harvested on the land–storm damaged poplars that were down and needed repurposing. It was lovely. I never thought we’d leave. But in my experience matters of the heart often fly in the face of logic. More powerful than any THING ever could be. And when the something ELSE called, we listened. With attention. And discovered again how Attention to specifics–in conjunction with INTENTion–can bring about amazing transformation.

On Tuesdays I hang out at my sister’s. She’s a weaver. Another friend who makes medicine bags comes by and the three of us work on our projects and from time to time have very engaging conversations. A few weeks ago I heard myself voicing concern that some THING was wrong with this little house we moved into. And what ever it was, it needed to be addressed. My sense of equilibrium/ease–the need for– was flashing on high alert. And so my medicine bag friend sent me home with instructions to put small muslin bags of salt in the corners of the rooms.salt

smudge She also advised smudging–which I do regularly–and specific visualizations. Intention. Attention directed inward?

What I had not anticipated was the momentum that would gather in the face of such seemingly benign acts. Salt? Who would have guessed?

This is what happened: my studio/work space received a total overhaul. Now it WORKS for–rather than against–me. But the kitchen? Major problem. Like this: when the stove door was open, it touched the sink cabinet. It blocked the little 3 foot wide “walking through” space. Anyone on the other side would be blocked in until the door closed. Same with the refrigerator door. Constant traffic jams. Constant. And the kitchen was so small that I couldn’t have communion with others while meal prep was happening. With more than one person, it felt like we were stuffed in a phone booth.

The problem: some time in the past the house had been retro-fitted with basement stairs that were put in the kitchen. Taking up a LOT of space. The stairs had to go. Unfortunate because I was constantly running to the basement for one thing or another–usually related to dyeing fabric or some other cloth related project. But I can simply go outside, down some steps, and enter the basement that way. Anyway, a contractor appeared as if by magic:construction
a much-needed heat register was uncovered from the previously ill-thought-out stairs addition:heat register and in a week or so we should have a user-friendly kitchen. In the meanwhile, breakfast happens and heart space continues to fill.logan eating And to think, all of this–from the BIG move to this little project–evolved from simply voicing an idea–a need–a dream. An intention.

Metamorphose of Cloth

13 Jan

The healing cloth is finished now. The butteryfly representing the evolving process and lending Hope to the journey. And underneath one small square, etched in the fabric, was the image of an eye. Begging to be embroidered.  And viewed upon request. Thus the flap. And the blessings continue to flow outward.woven hearthidden door
i see you

Cloth as Healing

9 Jan

Yesterday I posted a request for healing.  And because this is a blog about cloth, I used pieces of cloth  to illustrate  the request.Intention

Only the woven center was mindfully constructed with focus on healing.  The gauze and red linen were just there–so I used them.  It was that unplanned.  Not a project.  Not the beginning of something else.  Simply cloth and color accompanied with a request that healing flow  towards a loved one.  Or so I thought.

I left the cloth pieces on the table and several times during the day  looked at the little pile –the gauze was turning into something that suggested a heart.  An unplanned surprise.  But the red linen started Really bothering me.  Nice by itself, but clashing somehow with the overall intention.   Clearly lacking gentleness.  Off and on during the day I switched out backgrounds.  Nothing was working–better, worse–but never just right.  So I went to bed.

This morning just as I was ready to pitch the pieces in the scrap pile, I tried one more thing–auditioned one more piece of fabric that I’d been saving for something special, and immediately it seemed to pull things together.

But the muslin strips weren’t right.white stripe

So I replaced them with old pieces from my grandmother’s pillowcase crochet–black walnut dyed.  crochetAnd the cloth started to speak to a sense of ease, or comfort, or gentling.  Started to speak towards healing perhaps.  A very interesting evolution.  All happening seemingly with a life of its own.

And it’s still going.  Now I’m hearing that Maybe just a touch of the original red is called for here?  A reminder of fire, energy, life force?

crochet with redSo the cloth is healing itself in a way.  Moving from a haphazard arrangement of individual pieces towards something integrated.  So I sit here with this awareness, that  this process is simply a microcosm of life  The constant adjusting, repairing, mending, realigning, rearranging of self. Moving and shifting and all the while  mysteriously pulled towards the place that resonates with “yes.”

Healing Intentions

8 Jan

I have a dear friend in need of healing energies. A dear friend. And I believe in the power of intention. If you are so inclined, please focus on this image with the intention that healing energies will flow towards her. Your intention will know where to go! With blessings. . . .


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