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Maintaining Transparency

6 Nov

sphinx lovely

Lovely. Wasn’t it? Well, for a moment at least. And I’m so glad I have this image to remind myself of what happened. A lot, actually. First, I wanted to have song flowing from the figure’s mouth. And so notes were added when suddenly I remembered Grace’s cloth of the Rio Grande. I scrolled through her posts and there it was. The same thing. And because I’m pretty sensitive to plagiarism I thought “No, this feels like I’m appropriating someone else’s work, and as much as I love Grace and her cloth, it didn’t feel quite right for me.” (This decision took more than a few moments–I had already spent a lot of time with the music and I was also thinking about “nothing new under the sun” and all that.) But there was an unease about it that I was not comfortable entertaining. And so…what to do?  

I thought about sending the image to Grace for her feedback.  But I didn’t.  Instead I removed the stitches and re-stitched light coming from the eyes instead, and all the while I was mucking around with the shape of the profile and before I knew it every thing was so NOT RIGHT.  But still I stitched.  Added things.  And the more I added the further I moved away from the original image intent. My original intent. Not the cloth’s.

The more I fiddled with it, the less I loved it.  Disliked it, actually. And at that point I whipped out my BIG scissors. What difference would it make if I cut it up into segments that were still pleasing to my eye?  And so I did–creating puzzle(d) pieces– and after some fiddling around another incarnation evolved. A different kind of woman. Pushing something. Not as in Sisyphus pushing the never-ending boulder. More like a woman tending to something precious–something in a pram perhaps?


But here’s something else that I’m seeing here. Something that closely parallels my own life cycle. An event. Several events. Situations that totally turned my life upside down. Restructured every thing that had come before. And my pieces, re-assembled, bore little resemblance to the “me” that preceded the event. But still, there I was and here I am. Whole cloth for better or worse. I’m curious to see where this is all heading. All of it.

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