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From Primitive Icons to Ecoprinting

10 Apr


One night in 1990 I awoke from a deep sleep knowing I needed to set free–release–my primicons.  Primitive icons.  This need to create had a life of its own.   I started with rebar wire and paper mache.  Added wood chips to the mix–and paint.  Later covered the wire with muslin.  Anything that would hold shape.  I worked late into the nights.  My kitchen was no longer a place for meal preparation so much as an abode for these guys.  Years later when my dad gifted me a pile of rusted corrugated industrial roofing and an acetylene torch, their shape and stature grew.

I don’t know where these entities come from–or why.  But they’re still demanding “air time.”  And that is the dilemma I’m facing with eco printing.

I love what I consider to be the magic of eco printing.  Love the surprises.  The constant barrage of “what ifs?”  Love trying to understand why the various elements act and react as they do.  So there’s all of this.  And now I find myself moving into a different phase with the process.  Moving towards the things inside me–the ubiquitous primicons –that want out.

Primicons are the expressions that come out of me.  In truth, there are other forms I would like to explore–more palatable forms perhaps–but after almost 30 years of living with these beings, I accept that they are here to stay–will probably follow me into the great beyond.

They’ve been patient with my yearlong exploration of eco printing but today I experienced a minor revolt.  They want OUT.


So I’m “experimenting” with process.  How to create in a way that eco prints and primicons can co-exist while maintaining the sustainable, environmentally benign characteristics of eco printing?

These  first, initial experiments have a ways to go.  And although I have concerns about their appeal–appeal of the primicon–clearly it’s a  moot point.



A Crone’s Story: On coming full circle

29 Jun

First there was this–moon sketching. Two eyes, wide open, witnessing acceleration. Expansion.

seeing at the speed of light

… a visual portal for seeing what now seems very obvious. Upon reflection and a week of sitting and holding the feeling that some thing was not quite right. We were missing some thing–Crone and I. And yesterday, in a moment of silence, we heard as if with one ear, this: “Transcending difficult situations is only one part of what you will do. But ‘transcending’ does NOT mean cutting yourself off from your ground, from your roots, from your past. You may try to do that but it’s impossible, for one thing, and it’s counter productive for another.”

What? What? We sat together with this, Crone and I. She was the first to nod. Yes. So clear now. what were we thinking when we slashed off the bottom part of the cloth?cronecomplete

Simply a knee jerk reaction that provided a much-needed sense of space. A Gap.

True. The foundation of her life WAS complex. It was. And there were parts that felt scary and confusing. But they were hers and by accepting them back, she reclaimed some thing.

So. A bit of space was added. A blue strip provided perspective–space–and the cloth grew a bit and was whole again. And funny now how the red puppy, fangs and all, seems so benign. To think that a week ago it was all so overwhelming. But the red thread–the life force–remains entact. And Crone marvels at its ability to stretch and accommodate her need to fly.fearless flight1

And because they are also part of this story, part of the nudge that opened our ears, I want to thank Mo, Dee and Julie for showing interest in red puppy. And I want to thank Grace, who said some time ago, “Just stand and face.” And of course, thank you, my Crone, for listening.

A Crone’s Story

23 Jun

First there was this, early this morning,moon setting

Then there is this cloth. This cloth that started from a comment my grandson made. About how cool it would be to have a zipline to/from the moon. He wrote it down for me so I would remember. I started the cloth during our vacation.  Initially I thought it was just going to be a light-hearted piece.  Putting his comment to cloth.  It became something else all together.

We have been home now for one week and this is the story of how the cloth changed, and how I evolved with it. This was a peek through the hole in an oyster shell.window of a shell Her journey had taken her many place and the cosmic thread that held her in place–well, it was red and had sustained her for a long time.  She was connected to the moon yet able to fly.  But she couldn’t see.  Her vision was obscured. And she knew she needed to see things clearly.  Very clearly.  Cosmic flight can be a tricky thing.cosmic without eyes But I ignored what she was saying. I thought, “She’ll get over it. It will be o.k. in the long run.” And in the meanwhile, the base below her feet started changing. And it became very complex and jumbled.cosmic umbilicus 1 and it didn’t take long until the currents of the underworld were so unpleasant that she could hardly bear to stand there. At one point the red puppy grew fangs. It changed from a companion to a threatening creature. Drops of blood dripped from its mouth. I was beginning to listen now. Didn’t like what I was seeing and She didn’t like it either. And she talked for awhile.

Talked about transcending seemingly impossible challenges. Talked about soaring even when her tether appeared attached to powerful, limiting forces. What do we do in those instances?  What do we do? She felt she had choices.  That we always, in all ways, have choices. In fact, she insisted on taking responsibility for her life–for making her own choice.  It wasn’t an easy one.  There were many factors involved.  Many things to consider–but in the end, it was clear.   And so–heeding her surety of intention– with one quick motion the ties that were holding her down were severed.  The cloth was separated.  And suddenly the cloth was permeated with an amazing “lightness of being.”

cosmic umbilicus3

Still, there was work to do. She wanted a real face– she had a need to be seen for who and what she was.  A face that showed the map of her life. It’s trials and joys and work and weather. A crone’s face. And it took hours. There was a lot to think about.  A Lot.  And the eyes were next.   Of course she needed eyes.  To SEE things.  Not just to LOOK–but to SEE.  To see AND be seen.  And to understand what it was she was seeing.

I even heard her say that it’s never an easy process to really see deeply into the reality of   existence–and all its wonders.  And even though she’s still a bit shocked over the changes of the past week,  and yes–a bit sad– her eyes ARE open. Her heart is open as well–open and intact. The earth may still be her grounding reference, but she knows in her heart that her wings were meant for soaring.  And she gives thanks for the gift of sight.cronecompleteThis particular style of story telling was inspired by Saskia’s postings at  tales from the bird hut. Scroll down to “Little Bird has Left.”  The crone’s style–well, you’ll have to ask her about that.  And as you may have guessed by now,  my story and her story cannot be separated.

Healing Intentions

8 Jan

I have a dear friend in need of healing energies. A dear friend. And I believe in the power of intention. If you are so inclined, please focus on this image with the intention that healing energies will flow towards her. Your intention will know where to go! With blessings. . . .


Solstice Drummer–Remembering

3 Jan

The solstice altar cloth became this–a drummer–echoing the remembered beats of the hearts….Solstice Drummer

Solstice Drummer

 from NEWTOWN.   And we listen.

Travelling Home

Travelling Homehonoring more

(Clicking on the images should enlarge them.)

To Honor

16 Dec

Noticing now.  Wanting to ignore, turn away from, jump into something else.  To NOT feel.  To shield and turn away from…the grief.  But over-riding that the need to honor, embrace, give meaning to the lives– and if possible, wanting to understand.  So I pull out scraps of indigo and salvaged cloth with these children and their adult helpers in mind.  Holding the cloth gently.



Blues seem right.  The circle with the red cloth in the center seems right.  And batik wings.   This will be a slow cloth for certain.  Unplugged.  Each placement of each stitch knitting cloth together while honoring life.  Maybe there will be birds here.  Maybe leaves or feathers.  Maybe seeds.  But something.

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