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Harvest Moon

8 Sep

Tonight will be the harvest moon–full moon closest to the fall equinox.  And a supermoon.  Closer to earth than usual.  I’m feeling its pull.  Awake since 2:30.  Not good.  Not bad.   But clearly EARLY.  So this, this early morning, a little cloth–the beginning of  Harvest Moon ’14. Moon will be appliqued. Probably some kantha stitching. What else? Maybe nothing.

sort of colored corrected but still a bit dark:

And it’s been raining. Hard. Constant. Straight-down rain that means the basement is getting damp because the lay of the land changed when the neighbors behind me cut down their forest. The run-off has changed. And where the next-door neighbor’s retaining wall fell over in May, now this:DSC01523


It’s hard to get the sense of the drop-off but it’s quite steep, and the dozer man is building up a dam of sorts to keep the water on my side of the hill. It’s a fine solution even though I’m losing some yard space, and all I have to pay for is the dozer man hauling the chain link fence to the land fill. Oh–and the new fence. Overall, it’s about a 50′ span that will be re-erected.


As soon as it’s daylight, I’m going out to see what’s left of it all. Last night a red river was running down neighbor’s driveway, down the driveway, down the street, heading down to Canie Creek.

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