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Coming Full Circle: prayer flag #12

5 Feb

wallHonoring Diversity.

A dozen prayer flags in as many days.  (The 12th follows) So beginning left to right,  Freedom of Speech, The Sacred Hoop, Encouragement, Transformation, Freedom from Persecution, Metta, Standing Firm, Honoring Diversity (above), Into the Stillness, Holding Truth and Warrior Women

Today’s releaser-of-prayers marks the end of a series–the end of an effort that has traveled full circle.  There may be more.  Or not.   Their mission has been accomplished and eco printing calls.

Although externally nothing has changed, internally I am more centered.  (I was going to say “on solid ground” but still reaching for that place.)   But I find myself better able now to stand and face the is-ness of #45 without totally losing my center–or my mind.


Today’s flag Coming Full Circle started as usual with no name and no real plan.  Handling scraps.  I came across the body–a pure white woven rectangle and the process began.   Initially I thought about purity.  Cleansing.  So they are embedded in this irrepressible sprite who refuses to be boxed in–thus the opening in the sky—a passageway–a portal for transcending.  She begged for color and before I knew it, her headdress and heart were  in place.  And a light-hearted cosmic dance was underway.

Hand dyed indigo backing.  full

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.

Lessons from a Spider

5 Dec

This morning I was reading Grace Forrest’s blog–Windthread.  The conversation focused on the power of Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ “Women Who Run With the Wolves.”  Passages were cited.  Moving, powerful, instructive quotes.  I was reading carefully when out of the blue a tiny spider crawled up the monitor and plopped itself down.  Right there.  Part of the conversation.spider

I’m watching her now– crawling up the wall in front of me.  She started at table top level and has managed to climb up a few inches.  It hasn’t been an easy trip.  And just now, she lost all ground, fell/floated down on her invisible string and landed where she began.  But this time, without hesitation, she took off–shooting straight up , with speed and deliberation.  Undeterred.  Reaching heights unsurpassed in her previous efforts. Now she’s resting. Legs pulled in as though consolidating strength and will.  Still resting.   And now movement, again. Up.  Across.  Going.  Simply going.

And this too is amazing–the joy generated by simple virtue of a spider’s journey. And the joy too of flipping open my own copy of WWRWW and reading, “It’s not by accident that the pristine wilderness of our planet disappears as the understanding of our own inner wild natures fades.” For truly, I’ve not been tending to this inner nature quite with the care it deserves. And the result has been a sense of separation. Not true separation, but a sense of. And today this spider has reconnected me. Pulled me back into the web. How can I not but honor her for this?

Then there are the starfish. The sense of holding. Of wanting to protect, to shield.  And now the awareness that it’s not only for starfish, these feelings.  But for all of life.  And the hope that perhaps we can slip through the eye of the needle. To another side–the other side.

close up of starfish

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