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The One Thing

18 May

I  look at this picture and my heart swells with love.  Love that literally flows and moves through my body.  I look around.  Bowls, baskets, partially finished cloth–and yes, what I see I like very much.  But nothing else opens the door of my heart like this.  It is a physical sensation.  A sensation that allows breath and energy to enter through the crown of my head, complete a full circuit and dispel again into  the wild blue beyond.  I’m posting it here so I can come and see and experience this opening– often.  Otherwise, it will become buried in picture files and desktop garble and all of the other places I put things that I want to recall–but always have trouble finding again.

When I lived in an ashram, pictures of our guru served this same heart-opening experience for many.  I have a dear friend who is a devotee of Amma.  Amma’s pictures adorn her environment.  Function as reminder and heart opener for her.  There are many ways we do this in our lives–we place objects of importance around to remind us of the wonders, mystery and glory of existence.  To remind us.  To encourage heart opening.

So.  Because this blog chronicles for me what I need to remember, here.  This.  The One thing.logan

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