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Sensing Spring

20 Apr

Last week, another three nights below freezing and lots of scrambling to keep plants alive. Straw. No longer available. Anywhere, in this town. Something about last years weather. But maybe–they say–maybe in a month–maybe there will be a first cutting from some place. Maybe we can get more. Right now it’s as precious as water.

It’s been very cool and rainy and I just finished slug patrol–they–the slugs–are doing just fine. Fat and plump and merrily grazing.

There have been teaser days–days when spring seemed settled in. Days when boy and dog–park bound, paused just long enough for this–logan and macy Days when finding tossing sticks revealed the sublime beauty of maybe my favorite flowers: violets
and then, because Asheville has a leash law, we, my friend and I, settled for watching from a distance. macy She could not be distracted. Was vigilant. Without motion. Would hardly blink. Much later when she caught sight of her person returning, she looked at me and smiled. Yep. She smiled. Heading for the front door of the house she shares with her people.

And I need to record for myself the progress that Juno is making. Because it would be easy to become discouraged. I need the pictures to show me how she looked before. When she was really tense. When resting was not something she could do. When adrenaline fueled her every movement. Here, downward dogging at home, with other people and other dogs wandering about:down dog
and she came to the chair where I sat, touched base in a way, then scurried off. juno up close
Hope is a wonderful help mate. Hope is full of confidence…and I’m so hoping she’ll help Juno find her own strength.
Because still Juno does not want to be handled Will not voluntarily come for touch. I read up on the breed. She’s a Tibetan Spaniel. Bred 2,500 years ago to be companions for the monks and lamas in the Himalayas. Slept with their person to help keep them warm. Were trained to spin prayer wheels. What I read stressed the importance of early bonding with people. The importance of socialization right out of the gate. Juno did not receive that–and how that could be, I cannot imagine.

So…there have been a few stitched added to “The Last Moon of Winter.” And slowly she’s coming into herself.last moon of winter

And some cloth–a nubby silk from Dharma–wrapped with rebar wire and soaked in onion skins. rebar cloth

…and these three squares thrill me. Echo some deep rhythm from beyond now…DSC01004

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