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A New List of Wonders

17 May

What a versatile word–the word “wonder.”  It’s a noun.  A verb.  An adjective as in “wonderful.”  Unable to recall the original 7 wonders, I googled  only to find that the list is not static and there are different categories.  Man-made wonders.  Natural wonders.  Ancient wonders.  Underwater wonders.  Even a category for “Forgotten Wonders.”  And the thing these “lists of wonders” have in common is that they are palpable.  Visual.  Identifiable as a place on this earth.  And surely they are wonder full.  But what about the others?  Those wonders that can only be felt?  Experienced?  Observed?  Wonders not linked to specific place?

So thinking about this, it occurred to me that it would be interesting to compile a new list.  A different kind of list.  A list without parameters of time and place.  A list that embraces the experience of being human–and all that that implies.  So I’m going to start it off with the wonder of  Friendship.

One word that embodies SO much.  Care to add your own?



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