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The Importance of Ending Well

24 Jan

Basket thoughts abound right now. The importance of beginning with flow. The importance of “just going” with flow. The importance of ending with flow.

I finished two very small ones this morning. Spent time refining the beginning. The spiral. Easing into it with flow and openness. Then noticing the coiling itself. How each layer builds on the previous one–how growth depends upon what came before. The importance of foundation. And until this morning, I was having a lot of trouble with the ending. The completion. Because I wanted to finish with flow–with grace. With beauty.

Essentially, the basket’s coil is thick. Doesn’t lend itself to simply stopping or easing into a gentle conclusion as you can see in this basket. Simply stopping mid-stream creates a visual presence akin to falling over a ledge or down a step. DSC02140

And so–here–I’ve been practicing ending with grace: DSC02173


There’s a message in all of this–for me at least. Or at least a clarification of why I’ve been thinking about this certain theme. Because for the last some-period-of-time, I have thought about how we transition from this existence. I’ve noticed the cultural bias that exists around what we call “death.” How even to talk of it seems taboo. How the notion of practicing/preparing for that transition seems anathema to life in some circles–rather than simply a continuation of what we call life. So I’m noticing this and how — in the case of these baskets–it all seems to improve with practice.

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