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a heart for E

12 Dec

I’m meeting a dear friend E.  for lunch today.  We don’t get together often.  Her schedule is much busier than mine.  When I think of her, I think of her heart–the openness of it and the love she bestows to every ONE–two legged and 4-legged alike.  She is a massage therapist and works with a chiropractor.  Together they have designed a therapeutic brace that relieves knee/hip pain in canines.   She has poured her heart into developing the prototypes and now the final product.  This heart sends lots of love back TO her.

The background –strips of scrap cloth woven a la Jude Hill.  The doily under the heart is one E. gave me a long time ago.  It had belonged to her mother.  Free motion stitching (she whispers).

a heart for E.

a heart for E.


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