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Disclosure of Cloth and Self

4 Nov

This is something I’m not comfortable doing. Documenting the entire process of cloth. Maybe because there are so many awkward stages that I don’t want others to see. And does that reek of ego or what? But again–and again–I have to remind myself of several things. First, this blog is my bread crumb path. And if I fail to strew the crumbs , I might not find my way back. Secondly, I have to remind myself this is simply how cloth develops for me.

But here’s what I need to remind myself, again. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t work. What matters is that I recognized it and fine-tuned it. And THIS is what is paralleling my life right now. Recognizing things. Without flinching. Throwing out all feelings of “should.” If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. For me, at least. And when it’s necessary, sometimes this has to be expressed. Not always, but always, at least, to myself.

My posts have become shorter because of this, I think. Because in the past I felt as though I had to say something important. Something that resonated with the hopefully acquired semblance of wisdom of 65 years. I can’t even re-read this without laughing. Because. Because, perhaps the only thing worth saying is that right now, right here, this is simply where it’s at. How I am. How the cloth is. That’s all. And really–so what?

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