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For the Dolphins of Taiji Cove

23 Jan

This cloth is moving along on its own volition. It calls to me when I’m doing other things. Insistent. And each time I return to it, I’m glad that I listened–not to my mind–but to the cloth’s voice. This morning I was looking at trees from a vantage point on the floor. Squinting. Making a peep hole with my fist–a tiny viewing mechanism. I scanned the branches, limbs, spaces in-between. Noticed things. Shapes, curves, lines. Some of the branches had that beautiful curve–the dolphin’s-back curve. But the spaces in-between are what really captured my attention–and I started seeing constellation diagrams.cropped

Which of course led me to wonder–is there a dolphin constellation? And yes, there is. And it’s called Delphinius. There are several legends from Greek Mythology that explain how this constellation came about–and in each case, Dolphin was a helper to humans. A helper. I’m thinking about that now.

The red on the cloth represents two things. First, it’s arranged in the general shape of Delphinius. And it’s red–it’s red because blood is red.  And that seems to be what we do to beings that come to help us.
And again, as with Starfish, a portal exists. A departure point. The point where two spheres touch , creating an opening.  Portal to another realm.  And I left the twigs with the shell center.  It reminds me of how we stick symbols in the ground to remind each other that something BIG happened here.DSC00612

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