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Stitching a Journal of Sorts

4 Aug

I didn’t document the evolution of this cloth during the recent family sojourn to the ocean. But the stitching started with birds that emerged–one of the top right hand side, and one midway down on the left. The birds changed as the week progressed–as other elements raised their hand for acknowledgment. And suddenly I was captured in the “under tow.” Recording the deeper stuff. IMG_2310 (1) It’s all there. A map of the trip. The inner and outer journey. What one sees and what one senses.

This will not be a slow cloth. Lessons perceived and bucket holes noticed are begging for thread-time. So it’s going quickly–a cloth on a mission. A recording in stitch.

When I look back at pictures of the cloth, before stitch was added, I wonder. There was so much potential, I think, and yet, like a dream catcher, this is what was caught.


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