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Prayer Flag 7: Stand Firm

31 Jan

Sometimes that’s all I can do. Stand firm. ¬†Or at least it’s all I can try to do.



Color and Eggs

3 Apr

Really challenged this morning. How to capture true color? Wondering about that, and then wondering what in the world is true color anyway? Because it changes. Color. I move bowls around. The color shifts. I go outside and sit on the brick wall and color changes. Inside on the table. Different. And so I don’t know how best to show these baskets. And they are baskets this morning. Larger than yesterday. But I can’t get the color.

So moving on. Can’t quite get the color right but what about their “holding magic?” How much will they hold–and WHAT? This wasn’t my idea–I’m borrowing it from a seed planted by a dear, dear woman in VT whose name I will withhold simply because I have not asked whether it was o.k. to mention. But EGGS. How many eggs will the baskets hold? So here. Colors all over the place but clearly each capable of a dozen eggs and then some.DSC02615


DSC02612 DSC02608DSC02607

And I need to say–the first basket–my eye sees as a palette of soft greens. And the last–vibrant orange. Blue is pretty accurate.

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