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Two Brown Shoes at a Trunk Show

25 Nov


This time they match, but who’s looking, right? So. The trunk show yesterday was fun. From 11 til 4 there was a steady stream of folk interested enough to face the wind and cold. Nice people. Interested. Interesting. Mostly happy people. But that wasn’t a requirement–all we asked was a can of food to be donated to the local food bank.   I was so busy yakking and pouring mulled cider that I really did a lousy job of documenting the event.  And the pics I do have, well, exposure was obviously an issue.



Sample of my sister’s weaving on the right–in fact it was the “Jennifer Dusic Trunk Show”–scarves, runners, tea towels–flying out the door!


Mother of Grandson. My daughter. Many handles. And she’s hard to pin down. But easier than the cousin with the one blue suede shoe leaving the frame.
And finally, here’s the wonder dress. My new celebrating the holiday’s dress. trunk11

and here. This is what saved my butt. I made cards from several of my cloths. Mounted photos to heavy cardstock. Sold them for $3 each. These pics aren’t great, but you get the idea.





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