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The Cloth for Starfish–and Eckhart Tolle’s “New Earth”

18 Jan


OK. This is just about it. Maybe a bit more stitching in the sky. Maybe. But probably not.

It’s funny how this works.  When I have my nose in the cloth, sometimes I don’t see things.  And when I look at the pics here in blog format, certain important information leaps out.  Like the gray block in front of her face.  Where did that come from?  Is she seeing into it?  Through it?  Is it blocking vision?  The proverbial “speck in thine own eye?”  So, yes.  There will be a few vision dots here.  Probably orange thread beads, leading towards the portal.

Just this simple observation, that I had been too close to see,  for some reason is really thrilling me this morning.  I’m wanting to yell, “Yes.”  Because, because…so many things have been pointing to that lately.  Pointing to the fact that it’s so easy to only see what we’re “programmed” to see .  Eckhart Tolle talks about this a lot.  About seeing things from two different places–from the place of conditioning and engaged and invested “ego.”  And from that “other” place.  That true place.

Maybe it’s enough that I sense what I’m trying to say here.  Elaborating on it–well, the waters muddied.  And , so I deleted a few paragraphs.  But if you’re interested, Tolle’s “A New Earth” is pretty amazing.  It’s subtitled “Awakening to your life’s purpose” or something like that.  But it could as accurately been subtitled “Awakening.”

I check the CD set from the library every few months.  It’s a touchstone.  A grounding.  A tune-up.  Like a 3,000 mile oil change.  And a few days ago I ordered my very own copy.  The libraries’ set has seen a lot of wear and tear and now there are gaps and glitches where it sticks and repeats incessantly.  Even tapping the lid of my $5 Goodwill CD player doesn’t help it out.

There is a correlation here–a correlation between this cloth and “awakening.”  And seeing the need just now for a “vision path” is huge.  Maybe it’s enough for now just to say that.

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