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greenin’ up

23 Apr

It doesn’t take long to remember why it is that I blog along for a bit and then vanish in space.   It takes me way too much time…an inordinate amount of time…to post the simplest message.  This morning I was called to photograph my surrounds.  Beautiful light.  Cool damp morning.  Rain.  And the woods were exploding.

So I took pics with my iphone and a while later opened google photos and they weren’t there.  Opened icloud which makes me crazy but there they were.  Tried to download from the cloud to just about everywhere but kept getting a “failed–network error” message.  Returned to google photos on my desktop and this one image was there.  The others–who knows?

The rub is this…I express myself visually.  Words exasperate me.   They’re too vague.  Inexact.  Visuals put a fine point on ideas…convey ever so much more information.  I would like to think that this time around the process of posting to this blog will flow more gently…and if it does, then yes, I can manage this.   We shall see.

spring yard

And before I forget, I can’t for the life of me remember how to enable photos to enlarge when they’re clicked.  Suggestions?  Oh, and one more thing…I know the string surrounding my dye garden won’t really keep out deer…but for now it does.

Transformation: Prayer Flag #4

28 Jan


Transformation:  Google definition:  a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Synonyms:   change, alteration, mutation, conversion, metamorphosis, transfiguration, transmutation, revolution, overhaul; remodeling, reshaping, redoing, reconstruction, rebuilding, reorganization, rearrangement, reworking, renewal, revamp, remaking, remake;  morphing…

…from the original to what is now.   Everything a manifestation of form, of thought, or the action that preceded it.  Yet everything always in the process of changing–of becoming something else.   Variable.  Never static.   And right now I need to remember that.

My fears for the future are “stories” I create.  Stories based on many things–experience, programming, culture, etc. –but stories nonetheless.  Why not write a different story? Revise the script?  Thoughts matter.  A lot.  Maybe more than anything.  Because they manifest and bear fruit.  Personally I’m tired of many of my thoughts and retiring them to the graveyard of inedible fruit.  At least that’s what I intend to do.

Today’s prayer flag embodies these concepts–the fluidity of transformation.  The on-going reorganization of thought and action that changes one state of being into another.  And in this instance, a rearrangement of scrap cloth–disparate pieces of eco printed and naturally dyed fabric now unite  to form a cohesive entity.  For me this flag illustrates the notion of manifestation.  Intention The idea that thoughts bear fruit.  And especially, thank you Aristotle, the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.  So.  Like this prayer flag, we can come together with every intention of manifesting a different outcome to the trajectory of today’s political arena.

OK.  Here it is:





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