The Heart’s Voice

7 Apr

Today’s Offerings4

Lots of stretching going on. Getting outside my comfort zone. Coming up against resistance, acknowledging it for what it is, then moving past it.

Learning new tricks on WordPress is just ONE of those things. Yesterday I spent several hours posting. Today less than 30 minutes. So moving past techno-induced frustration and resistance. And I realized something–this morning I realized that I can post new bowls on The Shopping Place page without having to actually post a new blog here.

So I’m not going to flesh this out–this idea/thought I have in mind. Thoughts about how, by implication at least, we are taught to NOT listen to the voice in our heart. How in our culture-in many cultures I suppose–listening to one’s heart is NOT something we’re encouraged to value. Or recognize. Or even cultivate.

Not now. Not today. But a later post perhaps. Still trying to understand it all. How it fits. The value of each–passion and practicality. Integrating the two.

2 Responses to “The Heart’s Voice”

  1. karmadondruplhamo April 7, 2015 at 8:10 pm #

    and i am too late for Greens of Spring.


  2. deemallon April 8, 2015 at 2:41 pm #

    I kinda wish the people I admire (such as yourself) said a little more about what they are learning about technology… it seems so pedestrian and is meant to be seamless, I know, but it is a big part of what we do when we show up here, and when it’s not going well, it is enormously frustrating…. anyway, glad it was easier after investing some time!


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