Ocean and Mountains with Juno in-between

6 Jul

There are going to be a lot of pics here. A reminder to self about vacations. What they really are. How they can change things. How sometimes they have to be “recovered” from. I went into this one with a really screwed up, painful ear, and it prevailed. Colored the days. Messed with balance. Provided unwanted discomfort–but then, when is discomfort truly wanted? I’m talking to myself. There will be little commentary. You may not want to proceed. Won’t hurt my feelings–because I remember times when I found myself having to sit through family pictures. Not my family. Maybe not even a family I knew. So, caveat emptor….


Early Morning, Pawley’s Island

early morning


Boy Child

ocean surf

Mother of Boy Child


I Was Just a Shadow of Self

shadow of self

and then a few days back before scheduled trip to WV. To son. last pic of juno A few days frantically dealing with finding a new home for Juno. WV–not a place for Juno–WV called “wild and wonderful” for a reason. She auditioned in several homes. Each time it looked like it would work, but one thing after another made it a no-go. After three months, time was running out. Then two nights before leaving, she was offered up in a native medicine ceremony. Turned over to the universe–released to her destiny and her highest good. Those intentions held in each knot of the red cord–DSC01361 along with reminders to self that I am not the bus driver. That I am also simply a passenger on this amazing ride. So…to trust. A reminder to trust.

–and as the clock was striking midnight, a call came in. From West Palm Beach, FL. Yep. She had been spotted on “petfinder.” And yes, I explained her idiosyncrasies and her personality. And yes, all of that was just fine. Simply perfect. So. Juno’s angel sent a van for her and she rode all night to Florida where her name is now Dali and she is referred to as “her ladyship.”

Ear was some better at this point–and trip to WV on-go…so, the reasons for trip:

Beauty Full wife-of-man child

Man Child

View from Porch

Something called a Ranger

Old County Road
old road 1

Series of pics on old county road when the camera freaked out along with the photographer. Happened all on its own. I’m guessing because of the bouncing and tilting and feeling of imminent doom.



scary 31

But it righted itself. Just that one blip. Then this overhang:old county road

and finally our destination. Nuttallburg

heavy with the sense that “others” were still there…walking among the trees, leaning on the old foundations of schools and boarding houses. Working the coal. Stoking the coke ovens. A viable town from 1870 to 1956. Right ON the banks of the New River. The Nuttallburg link, if you check it out, mentions John Nuttall from England sensing “opportunity.” And I think of how so little has really change, for WV is still viewed as a commodity. Not as a beautiful part of the country to be preserved, but as opportunity for industry, for capitalist, for profit.

monolithic right-of-way marker next to foundation of old school–celtic-like
r of way

Refurbished coal tipple, prettied up

pillars of an old church.

West Virginia. Yep.

just a bit more–

View from Beauty Mountain, Fayette County, WV
nr gorge

Rhododendron in bloom

Rusty scrap from the tipple–oh the cloth it would color

Young hens just started laying
looking for eggs

first egg

Breaking through the fear of 4-wheeling
4 wheeling1

and finally, clearly time to head home….

time to go home

8 Responses to “Ocean and Mountains with Juno in-between”

  1. Mo Crow July 6, 2014 at 12:04 pm #

    love the ceremony for Juno, the photos of the beach not far from Ocean Isle? & good to see you back!


    • Patricia July 6, 2014 at 2:08 pm #

      not sure how far from Ocean Isle–maybe an hour. but if you go and need a day trip, huntington beach state park south of there is amazng. there is a preserved home–Atalaya Castle –worth the trip. it was donated to the state by the family–the husband a philanthropist–the wife a sculptor., and thanks for the welcome back shout!



  2. Marti July 6, 2014 at 12:46 pm #

    I’m one of those that love looking at other people’s photos so naturally, it was with joy that I looked at your vacation photos a few times over. You have a beautiful family. Now and then I miss the sea and your photos fed that longing…

    And then I went back to your shadow photo, because it moved me so. It came to me that sometimes we go through life as observers, recording, witnessing, seeing life in sepia tones, uncertainty around the corner. Other times, we are glorious Technicolor as you were in the tending and caring and turning over your worries re your dog fostering and Juno/Dali found her new place. As you were in taking your boy child on an adventure. Life is made up of these necessary moments, of light and dark ,color and shadows because through it all, clarity comes…..


    • Patricia July 6, 2014 at 2:15 pm #

      thank you, Marti
      another astute observation–that “life is made up of these necessary moments of light and dark…” being back, at the finished end of these travels, has been really interesting for me. an opportunity to return to the basics and yet reflect upon what i learned while “out in the world.” and you are correct in stating that “clarity comes….” and for that i am so grateful. sending blessings your way.


  3. Nancy July 6, 2014 at 1:08 pm #

    Not too many photos for me. I enjoy traveling to new places via my blog friends. I am pleases Juno/Dali has found a new home. Especially glad that even after you explained who Juno is…it was still OK. I wish everyone could be this kind, not only to the critters…but to one another as well. Accept as is. I have to add that John Denver kept running through my head as I viewed your post! “Almost heaven, West Virginia…” 🙂


  4. Patricia July 6, 2014 at 2:21 pm #

    i so appreciate this comment about acceptance. there’s so much truth in that, and the funny thing, once i surrender to that–to acceptance rather than its opposite–i wonder why i resisted so much in the first place.

    and yes, John Denver wrote the all-time heartstring plucker for us hillbillies. i know exactly where i was and what i was doing the first time i heard the song in 1972. lots of water under the bridge since then.


  5. karmadondruplhamo July 6, 2014 at 2:58 pm #

    am glad for the opportunity to see these parts of You….and glad you are back here.

    the whole of the experience will continue to filter through in time to come…and so
    glad to hear of Juno’s Fairytale turn in the road…how amazing was THAT!


  6. Patricia July 6, 2014 at 7:26 pm #

    Juno’s “fairytale turn in the road” WAS amazing. and it’s funny. until i wrote the blog today somehow i had not pieced it all together. the medicine ceremony. the prayers offered up. the resulting adoption. i had just moved from one event to the next…and the next…and so on. but writing it out, revisiting the red knotted thread…remembering that night–all of that–creates such a strong cloth–of memories and intention woven together


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